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Your Mind

It has been a well established fact for many years now that the human brain is essentially made up of two parts. These two parts are known as the intellectual mind and the emotional mind, or more commonly referred to as the conscious and subconscious. Peoples' reactions and responses to situations are governed by whichever part of the brain is in control at the time.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind also referred to as the intellectual mind, is the intelligent, rational, problem solving part of the mind.  This is where we are able to rationalise and analyse what is going on around us logically without the distortion of emotion. This part of the brain can only effectively focus on one thing at a time and can carry out tasks extremely quickly.  When we operate from this part of the brain we can evaluate things in an intelligent way and respond to stimuli and situations in a calm and rational manner appropriate to the environment around us. For the majority of the time we are aware that this process is going on.

The Unconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the emotional control mind, with the prime purpose of meeting our basic needs and ensuring our survival.  This part of the mind is responsible for regulating hundreds, if not thousands of biological functions simultaneously throughout the day such as breathing, heart beat, hormones etc.  For the majority of the time we remain unaware of these functions until they are brought to our conscious awareness, for example you may not have been aware of the speed of your breathing until it was just brought to you conscious awareness. When we respond from this part of the brain we tend to respond emotionally, almost childlike, we can find it difficult to see things rationally and almost always see things from a negative perspective. The subconscious mind generally operates in one of three modes, or a combination of them. These modes are anger, anxiety or depression, all of which served a purpose in the primitive years of our evolution and still do today to a certain degree. When people are operating from this part of the mind they respond to stimuli and situations in an emotional and often irrational way and find it difficult to see thing in a positive perspective.  

Conscious or Subconscious -which Mode Are You In Right Now?

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