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Personal development

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  • Public speaking

  • Communication

  • Motivation

  • Exam nerves

  • Goal Setting

Areas of personal development

Personal development concerns those skill sets and areas of our life that we seek to strengthen. This usually involves aligning our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour to focus on the area of development and to establish a clear recogition and understanding of our abilities to acheive our goal.

How hypnotherapy can help Emotional issues Behavioural issues Psychogenic/somatic issues

Those limitations that we perceive in our lives are often of our own construction, whereas some people see barriers to accomplishment, other see challenges and opportunities. Distorted perceptions of self and our own ability can be the one thing standing between our hopes and our achievements.  How many times have you thought or said to yourself, "I would like to be able to do that but I couldn't apply myself", or "I will never be able to achieve that"?  These negative perceptions of self become barriers to our success  because our thoughts influence our behaviour, and if we think we are likely to fail then we probably will. Of course the reverse also holds true.   Hypnotherapy can help to change and redefine our perceptions of our own abilities and resources, and change the negative perceptions we have of ourselves.  This can have a tremendous effect on the way we think and therefore the way that we behave, helping the client to change their behaviour to achieve their goals.  Anticipate success and success can be yours!