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Myths & Misconceptions


Some of the more common myths include:-


  • Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are the same thing........FALSE


  • Hypnotherapy is about the ability to control others...FALSE


  • The person under hypnosis is never aware of what is going on.......FALSE


  • A person can get stuck in hypnosis.....FALSE


  • Once you have been hypnotised you will always be under the control of the hypnotist.....FALSE



  • Hypnosis is a natural mental state


  • Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness awareness


  • Hypnotherapy is a tool which can be used to help many situations


  • Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool for helping to reducing anxiety


  • Hypnotherapy can only be used to make changes the client desires to make


Misconceptions may often cause a client to be hesitant in engaging with a hypnotherapist. The following are some of those most commonly asked questions. If you have a specific question regarding any concern you may have please e-mail us at the address provided in the 'contact us' section.

If you have any questions regarding hypnotherapy you can contact us directly with your questions or alternatively you can attend one of our infromation evenings of workshops.  More information can be found here on the dates, locations and details of our upcoming events.

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