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Emotional issues

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These type of issues are probably amongst the most common type of issues that lead clients to engage in our services.  Emotional issues are  irrational behaviour response patterns that can often prevent the individual from enjoying life to the full.  These irrational response patterns may only effect one aspect of the individual's life, such as a phobia, or can permeate every area of an individual's life, such as a general anxiety disorder, making life in general a challenge.


For the purpose of this website we have catergorised emotional issues as those issues which are typified by a very strong emotional response to a stimuli.  These issues can include fears and phobia's, post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), stress, anxiety and deprssion.  When people experience such issues they are predominantly operating from their subconscious emotional mind. Typically the individual will experience difficulties in being able to concentrate or control their responses to situations, this is because they are not in intellectual control (not operating from the conscious mind).  Even when the individual tries to fight these responses consciously the inappropriate responses and emotions continue because the subconscious mind continues to believe that our life is in crisis. This can often leave the individual feeling frustrated or angry by their own inablility to control the situation, our subconscious will often see these negative feelings as confirmation that our life continues to be in crisis and will continue to remain in control. In such instances we work with the client to reduce the negative impact of these emotions by helping them regain intellectual control and develop the skills to remain calm,  relaxed and in control.

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