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Approaches to hypnotherapy

There are several approaches to hypnotherapy that can be broadly catergorised as either solution focused brief therapy or psycho-analytical.  This section of the website explains briefly what is meant by each of these and explains the chosen approach of Hollick Hypnotherapy therapists.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Solution focused therapy empowers the client to regain control over their current life and future, through the promotion of positive thought, action, perception and promoting well-being - key principles of the humanistic approach. Furthermore it seeks to refocus and redirect the client’s attention from negative introspection of the past, replacing negative interpretations of past events with more rational positive perceptions, which is akin to cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and the humanistic approach. Like solution-focused therapy both of these theories focus on solutions rather than past events, although they may acknowledge their significance, and directs positive focus on the present and future. The CBT solution focused approach is the preferred approach of Hollick Hypnotherapy therapists.


,Hypno-analysis was and continues to be influenced heavily by Psychodynamic psychology and Sigmund Freud who was greatly involved in its development. Hypno-analysis takes the approach that the problem resides in the client’s past usually in the formative years of childhood. That there is some kind of situation or event, referred to as the initial sensitising event, where the emotions attached to it are repressed, sometimes the event itself may become repressed.  In some cases there may be a series of events or situations, this is known as cumulative trauma.  Later in life when the individual finds himself or herself in a situation or event similar to the initial sensitising event, symptoms of neurosis can appear due to the pattern matching process.  Such symptoms can include depression, anxiety or anger or more specific symptoms such as psychosexual dysfunction, irrational fears or phobias.  Hypno-analysis applies regression techniques; direct techniques such as the Watkins bridge effect, and indirect techniques such as free association.

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